Saagelius  Business Dinner
Marijn Kruijff
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Dark and Kinky DILF Fantasies of Hentai Illustrator Saagelius

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The counterpart of MILF, the vulgar acronym meaning Mom I'd like to fuck, is DILF, meaning Dad I'd like to fuck. The term refers to the erotic fantasies of teenage girls and younger women attracted to older men (typically between 30-50 years) having kids.

Petite Female Devotees

While MILF is a household name and popular search term on porn sites, DILF on the other hand, is much less known (perhaps because the subject matter is a bit more sensitive). One of the rare artists (male of female is unknown) who is specialized in this sub-category is the illustrator Saagelius (abbreviated to Saag)  In his/her universe, the male figures are colossal and broad-shouldered who take delight in dominating the petite female devotees with their big hands and penises, and the place of action is in many cases the office or an environment with which the man in particular is familiar.  Recurring fantasies are The Princess and the Guards, The Merman, and the bold intimacies during business affairs of Jean Girardi & Chloe Byrd. The drawing style is clearly European-oriented.

Best-Selling Novella

With over 135K followers, Saagelius has acquired a large following on Twitter. The best-selling author Seven Rue took inspiration from one of Saagelius' illustrations (Fig.1) for her novella Sin: A Dark Reverse Harem & Age Gap Novelette (Fig.1a). On Twitter Rue explains, "... I didn’t write a scene depicting the exact positions or situation of the people. just got inspired by the voyeurism aspect of the picture."

Saagelius  Business Dinner

Fig.1. Business Dinner (May 2023)

Sin: A Dark Reverse Harem & Age Gap Novelette (Sweet as Sin Book 1) (23 May 2023) by Seven Rue

Fig.1a.  Sin: A Dark Reverse Harem & Age Gap Novelette (Sweet as Sin Book 1) (23 May 2023) by Seven Rue

saagelius overtime

Fig.2. Overtime (Dec 2022)


Fig.3. Visit (Nov 2022)

saagelius Princess & guards pt 2

Fig.4. Princess & guards pt 2 (Nov 2022)

saagelius Princess & guards: nightly visit

Fig.5. Princess & guards: nightly visit (June 2023)

saagelius Character Jean Girardi

Fig.6. Character Jean Girardi (June 2023)

saagelius Well Trained

Fig.7. Well Trained (Jan 2023)

saagelius Just One

Fig.8. Just One (May 2023)

saagelius Grabby hands

Fig.9. Grabby hands (13 Apr 2023)

saagelius Business dinner, part 2

Fig.10. Business dinner, part 2 (27 July 2023)

saagelius sketch for

Fig.11. Preliminary sketch for Pleasure Doing Business (2023)

saagelius Good Princess

Fig.12. Good Princess (Feb 2023)

saagelius Business Vacation

Fig.13. Business Vacation (4 Nov 2023)

saagelius DILF

Fig.14. Phantomland (2022)

In Premium you can enjoy 57 additional kinky examples of Saagelius' DILF art

The artist also created a SFW webcomic including DILF elements entitled Phantomland that can be found here

I came across this interesting interview on Vice including an interview with Dr. Cory Pederson who did research on the DILF phenomenon.

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