Rare Erotic Drawings of the Obscured French Artist Mario Tauzin
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Rare Erotic Drawings of the Obscured French Artist Mario Tauzin

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Relatively little is known about the artist we’re going to speak about in this article. Mario Tauzin (1909-1979) was born in Saint-Pardoux-Isaac, a village east of Bordeaux in western France. He gained international popularity with the works published in 1946. His artistic performance allowed his name to appear in many anthologies of erotic art. The artist is said to be a follower of shunga prints and Picasso‘s paintings.

erotic drawings Mario Tauzin

Fig. 1. Doggy-style (pinterest.com)

erotic drawings Mario Tauzin

Fig. 2. Missionary pose standing (pinterest.com)

erotic drawings Mario Tauzin girl with a dog

Fig. 3. Girl with a Dog (conchigliadivenere.files.wordpress.com)

Forbidden to Adults

Eugene C. Burt states the following in his “Dictionary of Erotic Artists” (2010): “Mario Tauzin was a printmaker and painter active in the 1910s and 1920s in Paris. Said to be “obsessed with female form.” He is credited with saying that the female form is “the only subject worthy of being painted.” In 1945, he created an engraving series entitled “Forbidden to adults” as a protest over the closure of French brothels by the State.”

Mario Tauzin masturbating girl

Fig. 4. Masturbating Girl (pinterest.com)

Mario Tauzin lesbian oral sex

Fig. 5. Lesbian oral sex (conchigliadivenere.files.wordpress.com)

foreplay mario tauzin

Fig. 6. “Forbidden to Adults” series, foreplay (conchigliadivenere.files.wordpress.com)

Mario Tauzin oral sex

Fig. 7. Forbidden to Adults, fellatio (conchigliadivenere.files.wordpress.com)

threesome with cunnilingus

Fig. 8. Threesome with cunnilingus (conchigliadivenere.files.wordpress.com)

mario tauzin threesome with fellatio

Fig. 9. Threesome with fellatio (pinterest.com)

mario tauzin threesome with fellatio colored

Fig. 10. Colored version of fig. 9. (conchigliadivenere.files.wordpress.com)

The Devil’s Whisper

Tauzin’s erotic drawings discovered in the 2010s became illustrations for Henri Breton’s (not to be confused with Andre Breton) collection of novels “The Devil’s Whisper and other Stories from the Captain’s Table.” This book is about a modern version of Don Juan, and the captain is not a real rank but only a nickname of the main character whose love affairs made him known in Marseille. His young English friend serves as a secretary of the erotic adventures. The text is described as “incredibly dirty, and not a little politically incorrect, containing scenes of lesbianism, group sex, whoring, and incest, so please be warned (eroticprints.org).” The harmonic lines of Mario Tauzin seem to be a perfect balance to the luscious scenes of exotic Mediterranean intercourses.

Mario Tauzin the devil's whisper

Fig. 11. Cover of Breton’s book (conchigliadivenere.files.wordpress.com)


These scarce works of erotic art were not only being discovered during the century but also reimagined by other artists, maybe, by Tauzin himself. The anonymous erotic album with easternized characters of his original designs was produced approximately between 1945 and 1950. According to some specialists, the printing technique could partially be engraving, as every image has an imprinted bamboo frame around it.

Mario Tauzin girl masturbating

Fig. 12. Easternized version of fig. 4 (abebooks.de)

Mario Tauzin doggy style with male standing

Fig. 13. Doggy-style with man standing (abebooks.de)

Mario Tauzin anal sex

Fig. 14. Reversed cowgirl position (abebooks.de)

Mario Tauzin threesome

Fig. 15. Easternized version of fig. 9 (abebooks.de)

Bonne a tout faire

Breton’s book was not the only one to be published with Tauzin’s drawings as illustrations. The erotic novel “Bonne a tout faire” (“Good at everything“) anonymously published in 1959 contains works of the artist too: “A kind of unhealthy pleasure invaded me, and I did not know what I did. Suddenly, I made up my mind and, opening my mouth wide, I put the whole head of the thing that quivered in contact with my lips and tongue. Then, instinctively, I began to suck it, slowly, sometimes pushing it to the back of my throat and then withdrew, squeezing it between my lips […]. It gave me a strange sensation. I couldn’t move and was suffocating from the hot, gooey liquid. So, I swallowed everything (livre-rare-book.com).”

Mario Tauzin preparing for penetration

Fig. 16. Preparing for penetration (pinterest.com)\

Mario Tauzin missionary pose

Fig. 17. Missionary pose (abebooks.com)

Mario Tauzin lesbian sex scene

Fig. 18. Lesbian sex scene (conchigliadivenere.files.wordpress.com)

Mario Tauzin lesbians with mop

Fig. 19. Lesbian sex scene with a mop as dildo (conchigliadivenere.files.wordpress.com)

Mario Tauzin threesome with lesbians

Fig. 20. Threesome (conchigliadivenere.files.wordpress.com)

Mario Tauzin reversed cowgirl position

Fig. 21. Reversed cowgirl position (conchigliadivenere.files.wordpress.com)

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