Judith and Holophernes Peter Riverstone
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Bizarre Exploits of Ravishing Nymphs By Cartoonist Riverstone

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I have a feeling Peter Riverstone likes drop-dead gorgeous women. Because that’s the simplest visual description for the central characters and cover-girls of his comics

Bulgarian Descent

As is often the case with illustrators of the more explicit erotic art, Peter Riverstone is a pseudonym of the French cartoonist Bernard Kamenoff. All that is known about him is that he was born in Clamart in the Hauts-de-Seine on November 14, 1947, that he is of Bulgarian descent, and that he produced at least 12 comics.

Chloe Overflowing with Scum Peter RiverstoneFig.1. Cover for Chloé: Overflowing with Scum (1984)


The first and probably best known is Chloé: Overflowing with Scum (Fig.1) from 1984 which takes place in a dilapidated future where women have been reduced to the status of sexual objects, which anyone can abuse on a daily basis. Chloé and her best friend Sarah rise up against the established order. They claim the right to be paid for the task imposed on them: giving pleasure to men.

Corners of the Absurd

A crazy and very erotic story, which takes the shameless Chloé, incendiary redhead, to the various corners of the absurd. She will sometimes be a seller of both eccentric and essential objects, at other times a passenger on a train to nowhere, where men die before they reach their destination. And always, along the way, unforgettable sexual encounters.

Vignette from Chloé RiverstoneFig.2. Vignette from Chloé (1984)

Murderous Lynch Mob

Riverstone's ability to depict the tension between sensuality and violence is evident in a panel in which Chloé and Sarah walk down the street, their naked lower bodies appearing close-up as we see a murderous lynch mob in the background, rampaging with an axe (Fig.2).

Thamara and Juda

Thamara and Juda (Fig.3) is based on a sulfurous passage in the Bible involving a lascivious heroine. Driven from her in-laws after two fruitless marriages, the beautiful Thamara traps the patriarch Judah and gives him twins from whom David, the mythical king of Israel, will descend. From this passage of the Old Testament, Riverstone extracts all the erotic juice and creates a world of sex and violence, where the heroes are both magnificent and pitiful.

peter riverstone Thamara and Juda comicFig.3. Thamara and Juda (1997)

Nagarya 1 - In the Beginning

Nagarya 1 is a story of explorations on a new planet where the weather is so balmy you don't have to wear clothes. The early days are mixed with dreams, including the Utamaro and Eiri are the ones depicted below. Let’s take a closer at these extraordinary examples of rape art… Plate 9 from.." data-featured-image="https://media-01.imu.nl/storage/shungagallery.com/2236/wp/000000000-12.jpg" class="smart-content-link sc-link" href="https://shungagallery.com/rape-art/">rape by a centaur (Fig.4), and memories of the protagonists Anny Wellington and Captain John. Lush jungles, glowing bodies in acrobatic poses, ample physical attributes depicted with loving touches of the brush, all the fine qualities characteristic of Riverstone's work, in line with the great sagas of Frank Frazetta, served by a rich and profound text, where biblical and mythological references transpire.Never reissued since the 1990s, .

Summary Nagarya 1

Shipwrecked on an unknown and seemingly deserted planet, a group of galactic travelers struggle for survival.What fate is reserved for them? Among them, the only woman to have survived the crash, Annie Wellington is torn between her desire for freedom and reproductive duty...Will she be the new Eve of this uprooted humanity? But are the castaways really alone on this strange planet?

nagarya 1 Peter RiverstoneFig.4. Nagarya 1 - In the Beginning (1994)

Published Comics by Riverstone:

Chloë: Overflowing with Scum (published between 1984-89 by Bédéadult magazine). The 1998 version of the comic is an illegal edition.
Alice (with texts by Mandryka)
Gomorrah (1989)
The Experience (1991)
Nagarya 1 - In the Beginning (1994)
Nagarya 2 - The Lost Continent (1994)
Thamara & Juda (1997)
Judith and Holopherne (2003)
The Everlasting Running Away
The Island of Perversions 
Evy en Ruines (2005) (French only)
Casanova Ultérieur 

The Everlasting Running Away RiverstoneFig.5. The Everlasting Running Away

Peter Riverstone Thamara and JudaFig.5.  Thamara and Juda (1997)

Nagarya 2: The Lost Continent RiverstoneFig.6. Nagarya 2: The Lost Continent (1994)

Nagarya 1 (In the Beginning) RiverstoneFig.7. Nagarya 1 (In the Beginning) (1994)

Experience Peter RiverstoneFig.8. The Experience (1991)

the island of perversions Peter RiverstoneFig.9. The Island of Perversions 

Judith and Holophernes riverstoneFig.10. Judith and Holophernes

Chloé: Overflowing with ScumFig.11. Chloé: Overflowing with Scum (1984)

Judith and Holophernes Peter RiverstoneFig.12. Judith and Holophernes

In Premium you can find the ultimate introduction to the erotic comics of Peter Riverstone with, among other things, summaries and descriptions of all his published work including more on the absurd exploits of the shameless Chloé, his only monochrome comic The Experience, sensual adventures in a primeval rain forest in Nagarya 2,  images from the unfinished Casanova Ultérieur, Gomorrah, more on his The Everlasting Running Away and Island of Perversions, his last apocalyptic porn comic Evy In Ruins, but also rare sketches, and of course many (MANY) all-revealing images...

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