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New Free eBook 'The 25 Most Important Classical Shunga Artists (Vol.2)'

We would like to start the new year with another gift to thank you for your involvement with ShungaGallery in the last year. Therefore we want to offer you the first chance to obtain our new eBook, a follow-up to the eBook we issued in December 2019 called ‘The 25 Most Important Classical Shunga Artists‘.

Most Prominent

Inside this second volume the book you will find biographies of the most prominent ukiyo-e artists (besides the great Utamaro and Hokusai*) who produced shunga in Japan during the late 18th and 19th century. The artists treated in this second volume are presented in chronological order starting from the consummate ukiyo-e master Chōbunsai Eishi to the Meiji artist Ikeda Terukata and including important names such as Kawanabe Kyosai, Keisai Eisen, Chokyosai Eiri and Utagawa Kunisada.

shunga artists: eBook volume 2

eBook ‘The 25 Most Important Classical Shunga Artists (Vol.2)


Furthermore, you will discover the most significant shunga artists from the late 18th century to the Meiji era. what was so characteristic about Shigebonu’s shunga what introduced Toyokuni to the shunga genre the eloquence of Kuniyoshi‘s figures the most important shunga artists from the Meiji era. And what was so distinctive about Kunisada’s erotica? This and much more…!!

Join Our Mission

Since it is our mission to give shunga art a larger platform, it would be really great if you would join us and share this eBook with your friends and acquaintances! Because the more members, the stronger our movement becomes…!!


You could also help us a lot by letting us know what you think of the eBook by placing a reaction in the comment box below. If you’d prefer to remain anonymous you can also add only your initials to the comment..!!

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*Later this year we’ll issue a separate eBook on Kitagawa Utamaro. On Hokusai we already issued two eBooks!

You can download the first volume on the following page…!!

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Dave P.


Dave P.

on 20 January 2020

Both books offer a nice survey! Thanks again for your efforts!




on 20 January 2020

Thanks Dave, much appreciated!

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