He Jiaying Girl by the stream
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The Gracious Nudes Of Chinese Artist He Jiaying

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He Jiaying (b. 1957) is an artist who works majorly in a traditional Chinese gongbi technique, which means 'tidy.' This painting manner implies a careful depiction of reality with different kinds of brushes. As the artist says, gongbi work takes 3 to 4 months and 12 hours a day. In his images, Jiaying often blends an almost calligraphic approach, accomplishing some parts of the painting in ink, with a realistic Western manner when it comes to faces and bodies, for which he uses color. The artist creates his oeuvres both on paper and silk. 

 He Jiaying Moon Goddess

Fig. 1. Moon goddess (rosiechuong.com)

He Jiaying Girl with a flower

Fig. 2.Girl with a flower, detail (ohucs.com)

 He Jiaying nude beauty

Fig. 3. Nude beauty (rosiechuong.com)

He Jiaying Moon in Water

Fig. 4. Moon in water (artron.net)

He Jiaying Beauty by the water

Fig. 5. Beauty by the water (conchigliadivenere.wordpress.com)

 He Jiaying Beauty by the water detail

Fig. 5a. Detail (sohucs.com)

He Jiaying Autumn Water

Fig. 6. Autumn Water (artron.net)

He Jiaying Beauty with a lily

Fig. 7. Beauty with a lily (artron.net)

He Jiaying Flower language is silent

Fig. 8. Flower language is silent, detail (artron.net)

He Jiaying Girl by the stream

Fig. 9. Girl by the stream (artron.net)

He Jiaying Holy lake water

Fig. 10. Holy lake water (artron.net)


He Jiaying was born in Tianjin, Hebei province. As painting had been his favorite activity since childhood, it wasn't tough for him to decide which career to choose. In 1974, he attended the Creative Workshop of Tianjin Cultural Bureau, where he had an opportunity to study art with Sun Kegang, Zhang Deyu, and Du Ziling. Three years later, Jiaying was admitted to the Tianjin Academy of Fine Art. Having graduated in 1980, the artist became a lecturer in his alma mater, where he also stays now. Besides being a professor at the Tianjin Fine Art Academy, he is a council member of the Contemporary Gongbi Painting Association and the Chinese Artists Association. Since 1979, Jiaying has been winning prizes in local and international exhibitions. 

He Jiaying Fun by the stream

Fig. 11. Fun by the stream (artron.net)

 Yu Xin Chunxiao

Fig. 12.  Yu Xin Chunxiao (artron.net)

 He Jiaying nude art

Fig. 13.  news.gtimg.com

He Jiaying Waterfall

Fig. 14. Waterfall (artron.net)

He Jiaying Meditation

Fig. 15. Meditation (conchigliadivenere.wordpress.com)

Flash And Graphic

What may catch your attention in some of the works of this praised artist is how he blends two- and three-dimensional elements in one picture. The two-dimensional robe, drawn in ink lines, slips off the girl's shoulder to show her breast depicted in color (fig. 15). The black stripes of the cloth, contrasting with colored pieces, visually emphasize the maiden's flesh, giving it some sense of palpability. 

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