Amusing Meiji Era Handscroll with 12 Unusual Erotic Scenes
28 oktober 2020 
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Amusing Meiji Era Handscroll with 12 Unusual Erotic Scenes

An amusing shunga scroll from the early 1900s with unusual erotic scenes without displaying intercourse. The artist’s obvious talent is reflected in his sense of humor, accurate facial expressions, and eye for detail.

erotic print with fighting females



Female judoka holding her male opponent in an arm lock.

aroused female and playful cat



A lady is caressing her breasts while a Japanese black and white bobtail (Kuniyoshi’s favorite cat!) jumps on her lap.

female is getting tattooed erotic



A woman bites a cloth during a tattoo session

young female licking the crown of an elderly male



A young woman licks the crown of an amused old man.

ama diver fishing under water



An underwater scene depicting an ama diver diving for pearl oysters.

a sensual female laborer


Incense Balls

A male and female laborer kneading incense balls. The female is exposing her moistened private parts. These “incense” balls were used for the Japanese tea ceremony or incense ceremony. They were blended, kneaded, and buried underground in ceramic pots. Then, these pots were set aside to ripen for several years. The balls are sweet and have a creamy scent. They are heated using charcoal or a compact wood chip heater.

the ear hair trimming of an aroused male


Under the Belt

A young female is trimming the inside of her male lover’s ear. The woman’s attention has also created some excitement under the man’s belt.

attractive boatswoman and male passengers


Ferry Boat

A varied male company is carried across a river in a ferry boat (Yane-bune). During the crossing their attention is drawn to the attractive female boat driver.

a geisha making music for an eating client and a cat


Amused Cat

An atmospheric painting with a geisha entertaining a client with her shamisen during supper. The long shadows emphasize the intimacy of the affair, while the cat, who turns to us in amusement, provides the comic relief.

an ape scaring a female



A curious monkey startles a reading woman when it tugs at her kimono.

a tied female and her sake drinking torturer



A malicious elderly male drinking sake is observing his young female victim ….

close up of nail cutting



A striking close-up scene of a female cutting the nails of her male lover.

The Japanese text reads:

I don’t know if I break up, I’ll cut it when it moves. I want to be with you forever.

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