The Monstrous Priest Dokyo Leading a Horrifying Gang Rape
Marijn Kruijff
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The Monstrous Priest Dokyo Leading a Horrifying Gang Rape

2 min

The prolific ukiyo-e artist Utagawa Kunisada (1786-1865) was specialized in portraying rape scenes. He even adopted a special pen name Bukiyo Matahei followed by a subtitle “ichimei Goin Sensei” which was probably to indicate to the reader that they could expect portrayals of rape.

Priest Dokyo leading a gang rape by Kunisada

Gang rape with the monstrous Dokyo’ (c.1826) from the series ‘Kaidan Yoru no Tono (Picture Book: Tales of Pussy in the Palace at Night)‘ by Utagawa Kunisada

Dokyo Loved Virgin

“A “rapeorgy has come to a horrifying climax when the last GIGANTIC participant staps in the ring. The repellent facial expression of the female victim explains it all…”

Loosely translated the Japanese (ancient slang) text in the design reads:

“Long ago, there was a man of legend in Japan. He had a special giant dynamite “meat popsicle”! It was longer than a horse dick, thicker than your arm, and prouds itself more than a King. His name is Dokyo. He was a priest and a soldier. Dokyo loved virgin, virgin’s cameltoe, virgin’s juice and weeping virgins.”

Close up of the priest Dokyo

Close-up of the giant Dokyo

Empress Koken

This main character of the scene is based on a real person. Dokyo (700-772) was a Japanese Buddhist priest who tried to conquer the Japanese imperial throne during the 8th century. In 761 he gained the trust of the old empress Koken (who had governed the empire from 749 to 758) because of his expert knowledge of medicine. According to legend he became her lover.

Priest Dokyo painting after Kunisada

Painting after Kunisada by anonymous artist (c.1900-10)


With her help Dokyo started to exercise a powerful control within the government. In 764 he successfully eliminated his primary political rival Oshikatsu, who was close with the emperor Junnin. In the subsequent revolution, the emperor was dethroned, and the former empress reascended the throne. She ruled under the name empress Shotoku between 764 and 770.

close up penis Dokyo


Within a year Dokyo got the title of prime minister, and in 766 he also was made high priest of state. He was not satisfied with nearly governing the country, and wanted complete control. Therefore he convinced an oracle to foresee his succession to the throne. This snobishness maddened a lot of influential representatives of the government, especially those of the powerful Fujiwara family.

Thousand Years

When the empress died in 770, the Fujiwara had Dōkyō eradicated from the capital. As a result of this event, no woman was admitted to succeed to the Japanese throne for almost a thousand years.

Availability and Price

This great Kunisada piece is available in our gallery. The condition report is as follows:

Date: Bunsei era, 9th year, 1826. Size: 10 3/4” x 8 2/5” inches. Series: Kaidan Yoru no Tono (Picture Book: Tales of Pussy in the Palace at Night aka.Vaginal Tales of the Nocturnal Palace). Author: Utei Enba II (1792-1862).
Fine impression, very good color and condition. Only some minor wear and soiling, a very tiny hole repair (margin only!).

You can find the price through the following link: Dokyo by Kunisada

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